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Our Hydration Butter Balm (75g) is the perfect all day, every day moisturiser for smooth, healthy, hydrated skin. This lightweight, non-greasy formula is packed with avocado oil that helps to lock in moisture leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revived. For everyday use, apply a thin layer onto clean, damp skin. Alternatively, apply a thick layer at night before bed for a deep hydrating mask. Also great as a primer under your make-up!
Pro Tip: Wait at least 10 minutes for the product to have fully soaked into your skin to feel the full hydrating and softening effects.
You won't find any nasties in this product...read all about the amazing INGREDIENTS

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Balmy Army’s driving force is to boost value within and beyond the skincare industry with a strong focus on a consumer's health and their environment. Balmy Army nurtures the relationship between science and innovation to create a platform for fun products that are made for convenience without jeopardising good ingredients. At Balmy Army we have always believed in the importance of building a great company that strikes a balance between profitability and social conscience.

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Balmy Army isn’t just a brand it’s a new movement. Empowering and supporting those to give their very best in life with a friend by their side (that’s us, we’re your new bestie). We’re a big believer in healthy skin, healthy bodies, healthy minds and aim to be positive role models in the social sphere. We do not condone any form of bullying or harassment and strongly support diversity in the industry with an emphasis on multiculturalism and women’s rights in Australia and around the world.